Musical Critters!

Each design is manually punched with no jump stitches and fits in the 4x4 hoop

Banjo Frog!

Cow Guitarist!

Dog Drummer!

Elephant Trumpeter!

Gator Blues!

Singing Canary!

Singing Rooster!

Trombone Lizard!

Single Musical Critter--$4.00
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Musical Critters Set --$20.00


For designs sent to you on a CD instead of email
$10.00 (additional to the cost of the designs)
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The designs on this page have been patterned after clipart (used with permission) drawn and copyrighted by Ron Leishman at Drop by Ron's site and let him know how much you enjoy his art!
For just pennies a day, you can subscribe to his fabulous "Toon-A-Day" clip art service!

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