St. Patrick's Day!

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Designs on CD Format

Blarney Frog
4"x4" & 5"x7"


Patty O' Frog
4" x 4" & 5"x7"


Both of the St. Pat's Frog designs include both word combinations
as shown above on each design to mix & match!
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St. Pat's Frog Set


Bernie's pretty shirt set!

Shirt/ Sweater Set

Crystal Shamrock Collar Tip (2)
Crystals required:
(2) 16ss/ 4mm

Luck Applique (5x7 hoop or 4x4 (2) hoopings)
Crystals required:
(1)16ss/ 4mm
(1)10ss/ 3mm

Crystal Shamrock Pocket Topper (5x5 as shown above)
Crystals required:
(7) 20ss/ 5mm
(2) 16ss/ 4mm
(2) 10ss/ 3mm
Crystal Shamrock Pocket Topper (4x4 not shown--outside clover flowers omitted)
(2) 20ss/ 5mm
(2) 16ss/ 4mm
(1)10ss/ 3mm

Crystal Shamrocks 4x4 (pictured in shirt set above)
(4) 20ss/ 5mm
(4) 16ss/ 4mm
(8) 10ss/ 3mm

Also included are the individual single shamrock designs
for the 20ss/ 5mm, 16ss/ 4mm, and 10ss/ 3mm size crystals
Mix & Match designs to make your own unique creations!
Single crystals required:
(1) 20ss/ 5mm
(1) 16ss/ 4mm
(1) 10ss/ 3mm

Crystal Shamrocks Shirt Set
All designs to complete shirts as shown above, are included!
For use with both 5x7 AND 4x4 hoops!


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