Holiday Applique' Alphabet!

The capital letters are applique' and the matching companion lower-case letters are fill stitch. (Individual pictures of letters will not be posted in order to save space.) The name design shown above was stitched in the 6x10" hoop. Each capital letter is approx 3 1/4" tall and fits the 4x4" hoop. The lower case letters are 1 1/4" tall. The holly designs and Christmas fabric are only shown for demonstration purposes only---Use the alphabet with a multitude of different fabrics and other mini-designs you have in your "design stash" for year round fun!

Noel Applique Design
$4.00 5x7 hoop only

Fall Applique Design
$4.00 5x7 hoop only

Boo Applique Design
$4.00 5x7 hoop only

Complete Holiday Applique' Alphabet
(56 designs!--upper case applique' & lower case fill stitch and 6 puctuation symbols!)

Individual Applique' Word or Name Design
First letter of name will be the applique' capital letter, the rest of the name will be in the fill stitch lower case letters.(Please specify the exact spelling of the name you want and the largest hoop size (in inches) you have in the comments section on the paypal order form. Design will be sent to you split for the largest size hoop you specify...For Example: If you only have the 4x4 hoop--"Linda" would be sent to you split into 3 separate files-- "L" & "in" & "da", for you to combine as you sew out the design. If you have the 6x10" hoop you would get one design file if the name fits, 2 files if it "runs over".)

Individual Holiday Applique' Letter
(Please specify the letter you want in the comments section on the paypal order form.)

For designs sent to you on a CD instead of email
$10.00 (additional to the cost of the designs)
Please enter your entire "ship to" address on paypal form
(includes shipping to any address!)
(all the individual designs and sets in your cart will be put on the same CD)

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